Plan of Study

First Quarter (August - November)

Geography and Map Skills

Unit One: Geography of the World

Looking at the Earth

Water, Climate, and Vegetation

The World's People

VFW Essay Contest

Geography (Red Dot) A.R. Book

Second Quarter (November - January)

Unit Two: The United States and Canada

The United States

Unit Three: Latin America

Central America and the West Indies
Brazil and Its Neighbors

The Andean Countries

First Semester Test

Geography (Red Dot) A.R. Book

Third Quarter (January - March)

Martin Luther King Day Recognition

Unit Four: Europe

The British Isles and Scandinavia

Northwestern Europe

Southern Europe

Eastern Europe

Unit Five: Russia and the Independent Republics

The Independent Republics

Unit Six: Southwest Asia and North Africa

Southwest Asia

North Africa

Geography (Red Dot) A. R. Book

Fourth Quarter (March - May)

Unit Seven: Africa South of the Sahara

West Africa

Central Africa

East Africa
South Africa and Its Neighbors

Unit Eight: Asia

South Asia
Japan and the Koreas
Southeast Asia

Unit Nine: Australia, Oceania, and Antarctica

Australia and New Zealand
Oceania and Antarctica

Second Semester Test

Geography (Red Dot) A.R. Book

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