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*I have developed interactive learning systems prior to my formal training in instructional technology. The following links showcase this work developed and maintained for my middle school social studies classroom and students.

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*University of Wyoming course descriptions and personal body of evidence for each course.

ITEC 5010. Instructional Technology. 3. An introductory survey course in instructional technology.  Covers psychological principles in communication theory, message design and instructional theory with emphasis on the application of technology toward achieving communications objectives.  Includes hands-on experience with current presentation tools and techniques for a variety of instructional deliveries.

Instructional Technology: Innovation Challenges and Solutions in Education (ITEC 5010, Fall 2004)

ADED 5050. Learning Theories for Educators. 3. Learning and development theories are essential for educators who are designing and implementing educational applications and opportunities. Topics covered include orientations toward learning, motivation, life transitions, cognition, learning how to learn, self-directed learning, and strategies for improving learning in educational contexts.

Learning Project: Adult Learner and Adult Educator Interviews (ADED 5050, Spring 2005)

Reflective Journal Entries (Learning Theories for Educators) I | II | III | IV | V (ADED 5050 Spring 2005)

ITEC 5660. Interactive Learning Systems. 3. This course covers all of the necessary elements to design and evaluate effective and efficient interactive learning systems.

Web Usability Criteria Critique (ITEC 5660, Spring 2005)

Web Assessment Final (ITEC 5660, Spring 2005)

ADED 5000. Trends in Human Resource Development. 3. Provides reading, discussion, research, and appraisal of new methods, materials, equipment, and experimental programs concerned with the improvement of education as it pertains to adult education.

Definitions of Human Resources, Human Resource Management, and their Relation to
Human Resource Development (ADED 5000, Summer 2005)

Personal Set of Ethics (ADED 5000 Summer 2005)

Reflections on An Adult Education Critique of HRD: A Case Study of Training for
Atrocities in German-Occupied Europe (ADED 5000, Summer 2005)

Individual Development, Career Development, and Improving a School Professional Development Plan Based on Principles of Human Resource Development (ADED 5000, Summer 2005)

ADED 5240. Teaching Adults. 3. This course is developed upon the premise that individuals teach as they would expect to be taught.  It focuses on methods for teaching adults in formal as well as informal settings.  The learning styles literature is reviewed and implications for instructional settings are analyzed.  Participants also critique their teaching performance through videotaped sessions.

Case Study (ITEC 5240, Summer 2005)

Comparison Paper:  Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach and An Adult Education Critique of HRD (ITEC 5240, Summer 2005)

ITEC 4340. Integrating Computer-Based Technologies in Teaching. 3. Equips students with information, skills and insights necessary for successful integration of computer-based technologies into classroom teaching. Content includes modeling of techniques, teaching strategies and appropriate applications of computer-based technologies in specific content areas and consideration of computer-related issues facing educators.

Article Summary One: “Considering the Move to Electronic Discussions” (ITEC 4340, Summer 2005)

Article Summary Two: “Middle School Technology Use—Design Impediments Versus
Classroom Needs” (ITEC 4340, Summer 2005)

Crossing the Digital Divide:  Race, Writing, and Technology in the Classroom Response Paper (ITEC 4340, Summer 2005)

ITEC 5550. Theory of Change. 3. Explores the literature and research base within the theories, models, and processes of change, the diffusion of innovations, and the human side of educational reform. Learners explore practical applications of theoretical and research findings to behavioral change, diffusion of innovations, and principles and practices of planned change.

Case Study 1:  The Domino Effect (ITEC 5550, Summer 2005)

Case Study 2:  The New Mandate:  Assess! (ITEC 5550, Summer 2005)

ITEC 5160. Introduction to Instructional Design. 3. An introduction to theory and practice of instructional design. Intensive study of the instructional design process and application of the process to solve an instructional problem.

ITEC 5560. Design/Development of Instructional Systems. 3. Advanced study in instructional systems theory and design. Study and application of instructional design models used in education and training.

Instructional Design Project "Resources" (ITEC 5160 & 5560, Fall 2004 & 2005)

Instructional Design Project Student Use Version (ITEC 5560, Fall 2005)

EDRE 5530. Introduction to Research. 3. Purpose is to develop graduate students into intelligently critical consumers of research through their understanding of both qualitative and quantitative methodologies employed in educational research and analysis of existing research of both types.

Research Proposal & Annotated Bibliography: Effects of Professional Development on Teachers Integrating Technology in K-12 Classrooms (EDRE 5530, Fall 2005)

ITEC 5090. Masters Capstone. 4. Capstone is designed to provide a forum in which to apply theories, principles, and skills to the kinds of situations adult educators may encounter in practice. It provides a vehicle to document the successful completion of general and degree specific competencies and to examine the critique current scholarship in adult education. Students complete the requirements of the Plan B process.

Case Study (ITEC 5090, Spring 2006)

Research Critique (ITEC 5090, Spring 2006)

Self-designed Case Study (ITEC 5090, Spring 2006)

Final Research Critique (ITEC 5090, Spring 2006)

Final Case Study (ITEC 5090, Spring 2006)

ITEC = Instructional Technology Courses
ADED = Adult Education Courses
EDRE = Educational Research Course


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